TLDBM  has  played  the role as a main producer forindustry  bearing since 1993. Initially,  it  only serve  inland  customers by provide good quality bearings with competitive price. After constantly effort, TLDBM  devote  itself  to  serve  client  all over the world.




In 1993, TLDBM start its business by 18 staff with manufacture  plant  280  square meters. Now  we  have  new manufacture plant  over 29000 square meters with more than 200 full time staff.




TLDBM  focus  on  the  management  system, we believe it  is  the priority for sever our clients by  providing best and  reliable quality  products.  As the international standard ISO certificate, we are granted after many years constantly effort.




TLDBM  is  the  expert for industry  bearings.  We produce  and  also   design   bearings   according to clients’ requirement.  In order to match the full requirement  and  the  competition,  our purchase department  would  like to serve clients by providing full range products.


slewing bearing


TLDBM   has  invested into  machine  component design  and  production. We have  strong design ability and  experiences  to devote us cooperate  with   many   OEM.   Step   by   step , TLDBM  is becoming  a recognized  provider  of  industrial component.




TLDBM    provides    produce   big   size   industry bearings.  We  also  seeking source for our clients by providing full range products.


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